My name is Gerrie Lim. I will proofread, edit, or write anything you need.





I’m Gerrie.

I attended university, and then I did even more school after that. I’ve read over dozens and dozens of application essays. If you’ve gotten a referral, I assume that’s all the credentials you need to know about me, but if you disagree or you’re completely new here and need some reassurance, email me and let’s talk.

I started this service because 1) I think I’m pretty good at it, and 2) I like getting to read about everyone’s dreams.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get you where you want to go.




Let’s get down to the reason why you’re here: you need help with something written.

These prices are determined on a case-by-case basis, as I have to see your character count, the prompt, due date, but for the most part, it’s really based on how much help you need. If you contact me during times that are not late April/early May or late November/early December, there is a good chance you will get your assignment back that week because I will not have final exams.

Grammar + Content Check-up for an essay of ~500 words/~3,000 characters: ~$40

90% you, 10% me! I read over your essay a couple of times and make a crap ton of Google Doc comments on the side! Edits will include advice on direction, tone, etc.

**Medical school applicants, please read carefully: your personal statement is ~5300 characters, so your cost will be $75.

Guided writing and editing (includes two draft revisions) — ~$100

50% you, 50% me! I’ll give you tips on how to restructure and write, and then you send it back to me, and I’ll edit it! Then I push you some more until you write more stuff and throw it back to me for final round edits!! And that’s it! We made a paper together! Edits will include rewrites, what would say if I were writing, etc.

Medical school applicants: your cost will be $150.

Straight-up writing the damn thing — ~$300+

10% you + 90% me = 100% personally you! If it’s an essay, send me the prompt and probably the corresponding reading material! If it’s a personal statement, I’ll send you a personalized questionnaire for you to fill out that’ll help me write for you!


“As someone who wrote a LOT of application essays, I highly recommend getting a second set of eyes to look at your work. Even though I consider myself a relatively good writer, Gerrie’s edits helped add clarity and conciseness to my work- something that is critical for a personal statement. Since I got into medical school, it’s safe to say that it worked! Also, there’s something worth noting about getting someone to read your personal statement that reads a lot of personal statements; it’s a really specific type of writing, and she’s got tons of experience with it.”

– Mugdha Mokashi, Harvard Med ’22

“I’ve never been a very good writer, so when it came time to write my personal statement for medical school, I started freaking out. I had ideas of what I wanted to write about but had a hard time putting them down on paper. Gerrie was a lifesaver because she not only helped me develop my ideas but also really helped me polish my statement. She was there for me every step of the way, and without her help, I would not have ended up with such an amazing personal statement.”

– Raktima Datta, UASOM ’21

“During the summer of 2016, Gerrie and I were particularly distracted during a summer microbiology class, and Gerrie’s mother kindly reminded us the Physician Assistant deadline was due in 2 months. So, after hours of crying, panicking, and self-doubting, I got started on my personal statement for CASPA and reached out to the best writer I know. She somehow turned a jumbled list of brainstorm ideas into a beautifully written, compelling, and concise personal statement that eventually got me accepted into the program.

I was really overwhelmed and unsure where to start, but working with Gerrie was surprisingly easy. Her edits were always done in a timely and professional manner. She would never change my work directly, but add additional comments, information, and advice in GoogleDocs. I particularly enjoyed her style of feedback, which always has a hint of comedy in it. She praises the sections that she finds compelling and offers constructive criticism on the grammar and content. Her thorough knowledge of grammar and vast experience of writing various types of essays makes her an incredible asset to use.Myself and countless others wouldn’t have been able to achieve our dream schools, jobs, or scholarships without the help of Gerrie. ☺

– RJ Alcantara, UAB MPH/PA-S ’19

“A better writer than she is a Support player.”

– Aaron Stuber, fellow League of Legends teammate (UASOM ’22)

“Gerrie has helped me with my writing in multiple spaces. Whether it is a graduate school application, personal creative writing, or a term paper, Gerrie edits with a fine tooth comb and is consistent. While her grammar edits are precise, Gerrie regularly kept my own voice and cadence in my work and gives useful suggestions that enhanced my writing style.”

– Kevin Burchill, UMass Law ’20


Cool, so if you’re looking at this page, I’m assuming you want to work together!

I’m a big Venmo or Cash app fan, but if need be, we can work something else out. Did you know you can send money over Snapchat now? Wild.


  1. Send in this form.
  2. I’ll reach out to you via email to the email you provide.
  3. Send me whatever you need work on — the draft, prompt, etc.
  4. I’ll read over it and assess a price point based on what you need me to do.
  5. We will agree on the price point. Please note you are to send me the money before I start any work.*
  6. I work my magic as fast as possible. 🙂

When filling out this form, please leave a gmail account if possible.



*If you’re interested in the story, feel free to ask me about it.