Cool, so if you’re looking at this page, I’m assuming you want to work together!

I’m a big Venmo or Cash app fan, but if need be, we can work something else out. Did you know you can send money over Snapchat now? Wild.


  1. Send in this form.
  2. I’ll reach out to you via email to the email you provide.
  3. Send me whatever you need work on — the draft, prompt, etc.
  4. I’ll read over it and assess a price point based on what you need me to do.
  5. We will agree on the price point. Please note you are to send me the money before I start any work.*
  6. I work my magic as fast as possible. 🙂

When filling out this form, please leave a gmail account if possible.



*If you’re interested in the story, feel free to ask me about it.