Let’s get down to the reason why you’re here: you need help with something written.

These prices are determined on a case-by-case basis, as I have to see your character count, the prompt, due date, but for the most part, it’s really based on how much help you need. If you contact me during times that are not late April/early May or late November/early December, there is a good chance you will get your assignment back that week because I will not have final exams.

Grammar + Content Check-up for an essay of ~500 words/~3,000 characters: ~$40

90% you, 10% me! I read over your essay a couple of times and make a crap ton of Google Doc comments on the side! Edits will include advice on direction, tone, etc.

**Medical school applicants, please read carefully: your personal statement is ~5300 characters, so your cost will be $75.

Guided writing and editing (includes two draft revisions) — ~$100

50% you, 50% me! I’ll give you tips on how to restructure and write, and then you send it back to me, and I’ll edit it! Then I push you some more until you write more stuff and throw it back to me for final round edits!! And that’s it! We made a paper together! Edits will include rewrites, what would say if I were writing, etc.

Medical school applicants: your cost will be $150.

Straight-up writing the damn thing — ~$300+

10% you + 90% me = 100% personally you! If it’s an essay, send me the prompt and probably the corresponding reading material! If it’s a personal statement, I’ll send you a personalized questionnaire for you to fill out that’ll help me write for you!